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Les petites merveilles de Paris (The small wonders of Paris) - There is Hope

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Ongoing photoproject (Paris, Stockholm...):

"Diverse Microhabitats"

Setup during photo shoot in Paris 2019 for the project Diverse Microhabitats by Oscar Furbacken


Coming exhibitions:

New works (2020)
Susanne Pettersson Gallery, Stockholm
still from new film by Oscar Furbacken



Recent exhibitions:

15/12 2018 - 1/9 2019
"Med känsla för grönt" at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
Object in bronze by Oscar Furbacken, to be shown at Dunkers Kulturhus 2018-2019, Med känsla för grönt


25/5 2019 -
"Matter Matters"
at the Czech China Contemporary Art Gallery in Beijing, China
also shown

Participating artist:
Ai Leier - Hao Qingsong - Zhu Jiuyang - He Hai - Yao Yun -
Li Xinmo - Sha Zi - Lei Yan - Xue Tao - Zi Bai - Straka Jiri -
Alfred Vaagsvold - Katharin Dowson - Roger Wagner -
Oscar Furbacken - Deborah Tompsett - Barbro Raen Thomassen

Thirsty Grounds by Oscar Furbacken - small bronze sculpture in diplay with lighting. exhibited at CCC Beijing China 2019


23/11 - 3/12/2018
invitation to exhibition Scaling Ambience 23 november 2018

Studio Amsterdam Living, Birkagatan 31K, Stockholm
artists: Christoph Abé, Tobias Kihlgren, Oscar Furbacken

concrete pieces Chambers and Vittringar by Oscar Furbacken at EMMA Museum Finland
"No Ordinary Moments" 11/4 2018 - 6/1 2019
Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA), Finland

Photoproject (Helsinki):

"Diverse Microhabitats"
Oscar with camera and light equipment shooting a scene of Diverse Microhabitats in Helsinki

The exhibition and project were realised with support from:


"Trädens liv" (The Life of Trees) 2/6 - 23/9 2018
Eksjö Museum
Ruins of Nature, condrete sculpture at Eksjö Museum 2018 by Oscar Furbacken

Ann Böttcher, Ellen Ehk, Oscar Furbacken, Arne Persson och Maria Westerberg


2-23 september 2017
SKRYMSLEN - Teatergalleriet, Kalmar
Skrymslen, an axhibition at Teatergalleriet Kalmar

---> review in Östra Smålands

---> review in Barometern



6/4 - 6/5 2017
"FÖRDOLDA VIDDER" (Concealed Expanse)
installation view of conctrete peephole object Weathering nr 2 by Oscar Furbacken, S.P.G exhibition 6/4-6/5 2017

---> Read review in SvD by Håkan Nilsson

Susanne Petterson Gallery,
Gävlegatan 10B, Stockholm



Earlier exhibitions:

1-3 July 2016
Art Osaka - Japan

exhibition view Art Osaka 2016 by, Oscar Furbacken


Public art at the hospital Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala, Sweden

installation view of works at Akademic Hospital, Uppsala

Detail view of Vittringar #1


20 mars – 21 april 2016
“I call it the Universal Circle”
at RYMD Konstrum - Sickla Köpkvarter

installation view at Rymd Konstrum Sickla

Medverkande konstnärer:
Petra Lindholm, Peter Svedberg, Anneè Olofsson, Lisa Jeannin
& Rolf Schuurmans, Charlotta Abrahamsson, Mårten Medbo, Hanna Ljungh,
Cecilia Ömalm, Fia Cielen, Oscar Furbacken, Torbjörn Johansson,
Julia Adzuki & Patrick Dallard, Mats Eriksson, Kajsa Mattas, Lotta Melin.
Curator: Kristina Junzell

12/11 2015

Installation view of Wastelands bronze object

SAK at Konstakademien Stockholm
Sveriges Allmänna Konstförenings vinstutställning 2015 ---> mer info


detail of Vittringar #3, 2015


at S.P.G susanne pettersson gallery
Gävlegatan 10b, Stockholm

---> read review in


3rd Photospectrum (Seoul, Korea)

20-30 September 2014
The Photographer - A Social History
participating artists:
Björn Larsson, Isabel Fogelklou, Sonia Hedstrand, Leontine Arvidsson, Carola Grahn, Oscar Furbacken

Jinsun Gallery in Seoul, Korea

This project was made possible with KU-funding from the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm and with support by IASPIS,
the International Exchange Programme of the Swedish Arts Grants Commitee.




19/7-14/8 2014
Konsthall Betel, Mariannelund
Groupexhibition part of a larger artproject during 2014 in the Mariannelund area, Sweden

Visit 14 - logotype for the exhibition
"Close Studies II", HD video 7min


15 May - 14 June 2014
Oscar Furbacken, Eva Maria Ern, Mattias Bäcklin
S.P.G. susanne petterson gallery, Gävlegatan 10B, Stockholm

Detail of bronze sculpture by Furbacken
Wastelands (composition 3) 2014 by Oscar Furbacken, bronze, brass, metal wire, acrylic...


Experiment ”Jianghu”

3/5 - 3/6 2014
Think Tank Space - Kunming, China
A group exhibition with upcoming Chinese and international artists.

Close Studies 1, HD-video, still image
Close Studies I (Stockholm), HD-video 5.50 min


Earlier exhibitions:

"Landscape Reflected"

26/6 - 6/7 2013
UP-Gallery at TCG Nordica, Kunming, China
(Organised during a residency programme with support by IASPIS)

bronze object, installed at Up-Gallery
"Mountain city" 2013, Chinese red bricks on rotating glass.

"Naturen flyttar in" (Nature moves in)

25/5 - 25/8 2013
group exhibition at Meken, Smedjebacken, Sweden

Poster, Exhibition in Smedjebacken, Nature moving in
Close Studies I (Stockholm), HD-video 5.50 min

"Northern Landscapes"

4/5-15/6 2013
at Fotografica Bogotà Biennial 2013, Bogotá, Colombia

City Lichen, a large format wallpapered photograph of a lichen from the Stockholm area.
"Urban Lichen", 8x10" wallpapered photoprint 560x500cm,
installation view from Bogota Museum of Modern Art

"BORTOM ANDETAGEN" (beyond breath)

20/3 - 21/4 2013

Diplomat Hotel, Stockholm

Photo by Oscar Furbacken.
Acrylic painting and small bronze sculptures with lighting.


Temporary public sculpture on the tower of Nolhaga park, Alingsås 21/06/2012 - 07/05/2013

model of installation for the tower in Alingsås

"Höjdarna", iron, styrofoam, acrylic, lights, 250x200x1050 cm
backstage view.

SUPERMARKER ART FAIR 2013, Kulturhuset Stockholm

15-17/2 2013
(represented in the booth of CFF, Centrum För Fotografi)

Close up Studies" 5min HD-video
"Close Studies" HD-video, 5'50"


29/11 2012 - 29/1 2013
Bienale of Saint Vincent European Art, Aosta, Italy

bronze and latex sculpture to be shown in Italy in November 2012
"Thriving Place of the Skull", bronze and latex, 20x10x9cm

Longing for light to take my hand

29/9 - 28/10
Hyllie Park, Malmö

invitation card
"Longing for light", acrylic on canvas 210x210cm


26/3-22/4 2012
Katarina kyrka, Stockholm

Performance on Easter sunday - unveiling of large painting.
"Rising", acrylic on canvas, 210x1280cm

17 nov 2011 - 21 jan 2012

Galleri Charlotte Lund - Läntan efter Ljus

Foto of the windowinstallation "Shimmering darkness within" at Kungstensgatan 27
"Längtan efter ljus" (Longing for light) 2011,
Wall painting and bronze sculptures.
instalation view from Gallery Charlotte Lund, Stockholm

17 nov 2011 - 21 jan 2012

Kungstensgatan 27 - Skimrande inre dunkel

Street window installation, at Kungstensgatan 27. Shimmering darkness within
"Skimrande inre dunkel" (Shimmering light within) 2011,
Street widow installation at Kungstensgatan 27, Stockholm


Public sculpture in Växjö:

"Gammelskogens skattkammare" by Oscar Furbacken was installed in June 2019 at the newly build school Vallvikens Förskola at Välludden in Växjö Sweden.Public sculpture by Oscar Furbacken on facade of Vallvikens Förskola in Växjö Sweden 2019


Ongoing project at the Institute of Art, Stockholm

testing materials for fabricating organic cracs
Project student in the sculpture departement.
Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (Kungl. Konsthögskolan)